A6600 / A6400 / XT3 ... Other?

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Re: A6600 / A6400 / XT3 ... Other?

KCook wrote:

I love the zoom choices I get with M4/3. But if I were sticking with APS-C I would not rule out the Nikon Z50 (assuming you are Ok with adapting DSLR lenses).


Had a look at the Nikon Z50. Seems an interesting system but the 20mp sensor is a bit of a drawback comparing to the A6400. The 24 mp gives me a bit more room to crop if necessary.

Have had a look at the DSLR lenses available and it's a bit a maze for me. I found they have an affordable 70 - 300mm. The longer reaches seems in line with the price of the Fuji XF 100-400.

Thanks for your reply.

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