Fuji X100 vs X100v

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Re: Fuji X100 vs X100v

Cartney25 wrote:

Hi folks,

I bought a Fuji X100 second hand last year and it has to be one of my favourite cameras ever. I sometimes feel it's a little slow, however, and while the image quality in good light is excellent, it's not so great in low light. Perhaps this is due to the elderly 12mp sensor. I'm maybe just being picky, but I'm wondering if an upgrade to the X100v would deliver a significant difference in performance? I don't want to spend £1300 for minimal benefits, but if there was a significant difference in quality I might be persuaded. I'd be interested in comments from anyone who has owned or extensively used both models.



I have both cameras and can't bring myself to sell the X-100. The V is 'better' but the images from the original just have 'something'.

Update the firmware and use a 95mbs card.

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