EOS R5 audible noise from the camera: integrated fan or IBIS?

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Re: EOS R5 audible noise from the camera: integrated fan or IBIS?

jAcKz wrote:

Hi EOS R5 owners,

I've recently purchased an R5 and overall, I'm very happy with the camera. Pretty much the only thing that I find a bit distracting is that once turned on, the camera produces a very slight but audible noise. I cannot hear it outdoors or in most indoor environments, but if it's quiet indoors and I use the EVF so that I have my ears very close to the camera, it's audible and distracting.

I bought the camera end of December when it finally was in stock again (after being out of stock for many months), so my first assumption was that Canon may have integrated a fan in reaction to the overheating shitstorm. I checked with Canon and they said that the noise is from the IBIS unit, explaining that the noise persists even when IBIS is off because the sensor needs to be kept in a "neutral" position. It seems strange to me that none of the reviews I've read mentions this noise though. I also couldn't find any user reports about it.

Do your R5's produce this noise as well? Would be good to know if this is to be expected and if it has been the case with units from the first production run as well.

Thank you!

HI, It's just the IBIS unit. It will self cancel with a little beep after about 6 seconds if the camera is idle. I can't hear the IBIS noise or the beep unless my ageing ear is pressed right against the camera body.


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