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Re: Looking for a diagnostic opinion

Tom_N wrote:

James C. Murray wrote:

When I Quit Capture one from the Dropdown Menu I regularly get a message that "Capture One quit unexpectedly, do I want to report it?" not a routine shutdown.

What I find strange is that when I was using Lightroom I used to get a similar message.

Those messages mean that the applications crashed. Without detailed examination of the crash dumps, best done by Apple and the application vendors, it may be impossible to tell whether bugs in the application, bugs in the OS, or hardware faults are to blame.

Would anyone have an idea as to what might be going on?

You could try running hardware diagnostics.

Apple – Use Apple Diagnostics to test your Mac

Beyond that, you could try reporting the crashes to Apple or your application vendors.

Thank you Tom for the help.

I tried the Diagnostics startup and ended up with a message :

"Unable to start OS Recovery"

"Contact Apple support with  reference number",

but no reference number appeared and the computer became totally unresponsive even with a wired mouse.

I had to resort to pulling the power.

I think I am looking at a trip to the service centre that replaced the Motherboard, (at $CDN 800), and see if they have any ideas.

I am a bit reluctant to put a lot more money into a machine of this vintage so this may be a bit painful.

Anyway thanks again for your help, very grateful.

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