Better "Aerochrome" (SD1) with red/yellow/orange filters

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NIR − Lac de Gaube and Vignemale

B+W 099 (550nm), image straight out of SPP: a custom gain and WB matrix applied to the X3F to make SPP do something useful − no Fringe Correction nor Colour Wheel tricks, this colour balance is mostly due to the custom RAW channel gain.

P.S. a 4:3 crop applied in PS but no colour work/editing.

The visible spectrum version of the scene, for comparison...

The 550nm shot looks a touch dark, but this is just showing how altering the gain affects the conversion; and the usefulness of being able to work with the RAW data for the colour transform.

But with the layer overlap, and IR contamination across all of them, I'd doubt that it's possible to accurately emulate Aerochrome's hue/colour twists. For NIR landscapes however... the SD1M and 099 produce dark skies and inky water very easily, without any post-processing whatsoever!

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