GPS tracker with R5?

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Re: GPS tracker with R5?

If the GP-E2 (or 3rd party equivalent) is not an option for you then you have two main options.

The first, Canon Camera Connect. For me, this works well with my Android phone. There is a short delay to getting a connection when the camera comes out of standby but the GPS indicator in the EVF confirms what is going on. I also needed to exclude Camera Connect from all battery optimisations and Eco Mode on the R5 kills reconnection for me. The battery hit on the phone is minimal but I do notice the battery drain on the R5 compare with using my GP-E2. 
The other option recording a GPS track in a GPS device or phone app and synchronising in post. (I think you can do this Camera Connect too). It works, but I would rather suffer the battery hit on the R5 than have the additional messing about. 
For info, the GP-E2 also supports logging and post synchronisation. Therefore, if you need the hotshoe you can move the switch to log and and use a flash or trigger and do the sync in post while getting a seamless geotag otherwise if the hotshoe is free.

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