Question regarding the colors of the Z6 and Z7...

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Re: Question regarding the colors of the Z6 and Z7...

Jonathan0007 wrote:

For those of you who have (or have had experience using) both the Z6 and Z7, have you noticed a difference in color response in the JPEG and/or RAW files? Or do they appear to be identical?

I've been measuring spectral response of cameras with the objective of making better camera profiles.  While I don't have a Z 7 measurement, what I've observed is that the more recent Nikon cameras have very similar spectral curves, to the point where on a whim I used my Nikon D7000 profile for a Z 6 image and it came out just fine.  My surmise about all that is that Nikon started at some point specifying the bandpass characteristics of the dyes used in the Bayer mosaic on the sensor consistent for all cameras.  I've only looked at a couple of Canon plots, and they're different from the Nikon pattern, but similar to each other.  Here are such plots, Nikon, Canon, and others, for you to consider:

I know you're asking more about the renditions you're looking at, but really the principal place where discernable differences might lie would be in the spectral response dictated by the Bayer array.  Even then, most cameras' mosaics are built to measure light as close to human perception as possible.  After that, differences are introduced in the processing where you have discretion.

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