Is that time of the year again

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Martin Ocando
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Is that time of the year again

Last year, for obvious reasons, I didn't spend on photography equipment, other than a tiny but super cool Sony RX100 III, but that's exclusively for traveling light. I need to upgrade one of my bodies very soon. For various reasons:

  • My E-M1 Mark 1 is showing some age (a lot, indeed), although is still my most trustworthy camera, even more so than my newer E-M5 Mark II. Also the back dial failed completely, and is not really usable. Other than that it works for the most part.
  • My EM-5 Mark II is not very reliable on the AF front. It keeps failing to nail the focus point, and focusing on the background, when the AF point is dead center. It also misses to write images to the SD card at times, and it happened on my trip to Europe last year. I lost most of the photos on Madame Tusseaud's museum in Amsterdam.
  • I know both can be fixed by sending them out for repair, but I'm nowhere near any repair facility, and I only hope to send them both to Olympus USA on my next trip to the US, which I hope it happens soon enough

So, my budget is around $1,000. I truly don't think I need any more lenses. I'm pretty well covered in that regard, but I do need a trusty camera body with a bit more modern features.

So, I see only two options:

  1. EM-1 Mark II (Around $840 new, 600-700 used mint)
  2. Panasonic G9 (Around $1,200 new, around $800-900 used)

I'm leaning towards the Oly, for a few reasons:

  • I really dig live composite
  • Is an interface I'm already very familiar with
  • Buttons and switches fall naturally in my hand and fingers

Although I'm looking forward for some special features on the G9, like:

  • Higher res and better relief viewfinder, which can help my tired eyes
  • USB charge
  • AF joystick

And I'm worried about the G9 because:

  • No Hybrid AF (which I've learned to love, and despise non hybrid Olys when it starts hunting, or focusing on the wrong place, like my E-M5 Mark II)
  • I'll miss all the cool modes (live bulb, live composite, etc.)

So, I'm looking for who can help me decide. If you own both, the better, but sell me each, and I'll make a final decision. If you have another option, please by all means feel free to recommend.

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Olympus E-M1 Mark II
68.3% 69  votes
Panasonic G9
23.8% 24  votes
Other option (please explain)
7.9% 8  votes
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Olympus E-M1 Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Sony RX100 III
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