Good things in small packages.

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Good things in small packages.

What's not to like about this camera given it's price point.....

My son recently loaned his to me as a back up for a couple of weddings I have coming up. My other cameras being a Pentax K3 and a Nikon D800.

Firstly what hits you is the size. Who would have thought a DSLR that's smaller than many mirrorless, with a really nice deep grip and super light.

The shutter sound is nicely dampened and quiet and auto focus is quite snappy (hey i've shot Pentax for a decade ... anything is snappy)

I was perplexed about recent comments on detail being higher than peoples Pentax Kp and K70 .... which given the same mp, I thought was odd, but I do exclusively shoot RAW. Detail and image quality are discussions prone to miscommunication, interpretation and description. My take is that it's more recent a sensor and processor than my K3, so yes the files look nice but I wouldn't say any more noticeable detail but high iso noise treatment is different and cleaner.

The VR system in the little 18-55 is very good at the price point. I'm use to IBIS which works well at wider angles hand held but not great for telephoto. This is where the 70-300 VR kit lens shines and with better higher iso performance, those pesky birds hiding in dark tree branches yield noticeably nicer results.

I'm loving the three digital dials on the back of the screen !!! Masterstroke. Big and bold and easy to read. Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO. Great feature.

Being stupidly lightweight, this is a great walkabout snapper and not much wider than someone walking around with a smart phone, so it actually can be used incognito.

When your a stills shooter and just need a small, light kit with the ability to blow up a surprisingly large print (bigger than a phonecam) and has battery power to last for days of shooting, this just makes sense.

Enough shooting options for the casual shooter and enough image quality power for even a serious amateur or pro (lets face it, how many pro's still using D300/D700 on a daily basis... surprising)

If I get to hand it back, I might miss this little guy .....

Nikon D3500
24 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Aug 30, 2018
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