Cataract surgeries and screen brightness

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Re: Cataract surgeries and screen brightness

I had cataract surgery on both eyes about 5 years ago. Some of my experiences and findings:

1. Wow. The world sure does look different without the yellow/brown gel over my eyes!

2. My uncorrected distance vision was/is 20/20 in one eye and 20/25 in the other.

3. By I am short sighted now and need help with closeup work and reading.

4. I purchased some very good quality computer glasses and still use them today. They have been wonderful. I wear them a lot -- they're good enough for reading all but the smallest fonts and although distance vision is a little off, I can walk around without crashing into things.

5. Default computer monitor brightness is WAY TOO BRIGHT. Just crank it down for comfort.

6. I got blue filters on my computer glasses. Next time, I won't bother. Waste of time.

7. I do now have a pair of progressives and they great for certain activities but I hate wearing them all the time and they're useless for computer work.

8. I keep a pair of cheap over-the-counter readers in the car and almost every room of the house. There's always a pair to hand.

9. Transitions were a waste of money for me because they simply don't work in the car. Modern windshields filter the UV that would darken the lenses. I do wear some good polarized sunglasses when driving but they make my phone completely invisible. Fortunately, I can still see the car's built-in GPS okay, otherwise I'd need non-polarized sunglasses.

10. My prescription has been perfectly stable for 5 years. Not surprising since the implanted lens is plastic. However, my Doc says it's relatively common for smallish changes to occur as a result of changes to the cornea (which is curved and therefore bends light).

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