Migrating my current PC setup to a Macbook Air M1

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Re: Migrating my current PC setup to a Macbook Air M1

Tom_N wrote:

PrinzMegaherz wrote:

- RAM and harddrive:
As far as I've read now from various Youtube reviews, the 8GB Macbooks are quite sufficient for my application purposes (don't currently do any video editing). Would you agree with that? And rather 512 GB hard drive, or is the smaller variant enough?

The M1-based MacBook Airs do not have hard drives. They have SSDs. If you custom-order a machine from the Apple Store site, you can choose from 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB SSDs.

I bought an M1 Macbook Air with only 256GB storage because it was available immediately at Best Buy. Larger storage and memory had a multi-week wait period. My Linux laptop's GPU fan was stressed by too much heat and sounded near-dead.

Storage is not an issue with my wife's old 1TB Samsung T3 connected. She replaced it with a 2TB Samsung T7, currently $330 on Amazon.

To estimate how much storage you'll need, take a look at how much you are using on your current system, and ask yourself what portion of that you'd be comfortable in keeping on external drives.

If I were you PrinzMHz, I would move your second Adobe license to the M1 Macbook, transfer your photo database to a 2TB T7, and continue using Lightroom. I'm not sure if you can  move the catalog to external SSD also.

As for "only" 8GB memory, it seems plenty. Perhaps you'd need more for panorama stitching. DxO PhotoLab is very fast on my M1.

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