Migrating my current PC setup to a Macbook Air M1

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Re: Migrating my current PC setup to a Macbook Air M1

PrinzMegaherz wrote:

Thank you for the answer!

I guess it depends on how a process for mobile editing looks like. In Lightroom for example, you could have a local catalog that only contains the photos that were taken during the travel and I would merge that catalog back into my main catalog once I'm back home.

Is there a way to do something like this with Apple photos?

I don't believe so, no.  Photos is designed to use the cloud and a single, unified, sandboxed library. Simply take a photo on your iPhone and just let it sync back to Photos on the mac. Likewise, take photos on you Nikon and either import them directly into photos on the mac or use a dongle to import them into Photos on your iPhone and let them sync back to the mac via the cloud.

It is possible to run Photos with a referenced library, but it's not pretty, as iPhone imported photos live in the cloud and the Photos library. Getting them out and back as referenced images requires a bit of manual intervention.

You can move the Photos library to an external drive on the mac. That's a relatively easy thing to do if it starts to get too big.

If I were you I'd have serious reservations about migrating from LR Classic to Photos. As good as Photos is, it lacks a lot of editing and file management tools you're used to. I feel you may end up fighting it more than embracing it.

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