If you had €4000 to buy a set of lenses, what would you buy?

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What do you shoot normally? What do you intend to shoot in the future?

Bokai wrote:

Let's say you wake up one day and you now own only a A7riii body and nothing else, but with €4000 in the bank that can only be used for lenses. What would you buy?

One or maybe a couple top notch GM-lenses of your favourite focal lengths?

Or maybe a wider range of more budget friendly lenses, and have a lot to play with?

Or something entirely else?

Hard to give advise in case it is not know what you're intending to achiev?

With 4 k EUR I'd try to get a mint condition G 12..24 and GM 135 => 2500..2700 EUR and with a little down the road the new GM 35 and I'd be done with lenses.

Each of them is a stunning lens and offers so much options:

  • G 12..24 => absolute asterpiefe for architecture and landscape
  • GM 35 seems to be the best 35 mm lens ever and it's fast
  • GM 135 best 135 mm lens to date any maybe best lens over all

In case you want to go a bit further for bringing add a G 200..600 and your photo bag show die complete.

the good thing on GM lenses is that their MF capabilities with linear actuation is almost like real MFing

Best ist always to get your own hands on gear and test lenses over the weekend or at least ½ h in the shop.

BUT it all comes down to your needs - in case you can specify a bit more your shooting style I am sure the lens mixture could look different to my suggestion.

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