Sigma 35mm F2 DG DN defaults to F4.0 when setting to Auto instead of F2.0.

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Re: Sigma 35mm F2 DG DN defaults to F4.0 when setting to Auto instead of F2.0.

Martin_99 wrote:

flipp wrote:

My Sigma 35mm F2 DG DN always sets itself to F4.0 when i turn the Aperture Ring to "A" instead of F2.0. Can anybody replicate ths behaviour? Is it only my Lens? Why does it do that instead of setting itself to the widest Aperture? I thought it was cause i had used the 70-200 F4 before and the Camera remembers the "lowest" possible Aperture, but i put on a F1.4 Lens and then the Sigma 35 F2.0 and it still goes to 4.0 when i scroll trough the Aperture Ring and end at "A". Kindy bugs me that i then always have to ajust the Aperture.

I'm sorry, I don't help you, but offer different perspective. When switching to A, camera don't know what aperture you want to use. As f2 - f8 is probably the most used range, the f4 is good middleground to quickly change both ways.

Question for me is, why you change to A anyway. I would stay on A and use in camera control or use ring and therefore avoid A. It's better to stay at one way for me to train muscle memory

Hmm yes, you are right, it is a good middleground. I was just wondering cause for example minolta Lenses switch to the highest available Aperture. So i kinda expectet it to be the same or to be switching to the lowest.

I dont know how i will use the ring in the future. I just got the lens and on my first day of shooting i was testing around and it bugged me that i changed to 4.0 when i used A after using the ring. Like you said maybe its better when i keep using one way. I bought the lens cause in the future i wanted to buy a a7c for light travel and then i have to use the aperture ring cause it dosent have a front dial. My normal camera is a a7iii and there i use the front dial for aperture changes. Maybe this is the reason why i wanted to use both features.

Thanks for your reply.

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