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Re: Battery Charging Management

Daisuski wrote:

I have a ZII with the battery model EN-EL 15c, which I understand it the latest, fast charging type.

I’ve checked the Z6ii / Z7ii reference manual (pp 43, 44), searched various Nikon websites and generally Googled but can find no answer whatsoever to the issue of management or cycling of the battery.

Being old school, I automatically try to deep cycle any Li battery, in order to counter any memory effort and so hopefully ensure prolonged life and rapid charging. Is this correct?

It's the old NiCad's and NiMh batteries that liked to be deep cycled, not Li-Lions, Lead-acid, or LifePO4's.  Our phones are Li-Ion chemistry too so treat them well with no deep cycling if possible.

I also want to buy a power pack, for charging the camera on the move. These generally come at two charging rates (26800 mAh and 1000) but what is the best rate in order to ensure effective changing and a long battery life.

I therefore think that Li batteries haven’t changed much over the decades, if you don’t deep cycle them, or charge at the right rate, they’ll deteriorate and fail quickly. Am I correct?

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