Question regarding the colors of the Z6 and Z7...

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Re: Question regarding the colors of the Z6 and Z7...

Jonathan0007 wrote:

For those of you who have (or have had experience using) both the Z6 and Z7, have you noticed a difference in color response in the JPEG and/or RAW files? Or do they appear to be identical?

I should add to my previous post I made a few minutes ago...

To do a proper test, mount both on a tripod, shoot the same subject under the same lighting (ideally at the same time period in the day) and compare. You could use OOC JPEGs for this as a RAW file won't tell you too much about color science. This would probably be the best test I could come up with to compare color, but color is subjective, and if you shoot RAW, can be manipulated in your RAW processor/pixel-based editor.

The only time I'm concerned about getting the proper colors is when photographing people because if someone's skin tones are off slightly, it's can stick out like a sore thumb (for example, if your WB is slightly off and a person's skin has a slight blue tint to it, or it's too warm looking).

But as i mentioned earlier, I think the colors between the two cameras are going to be very close and probably not worth worrying about. Any slight differences can be adjusted for in post processing. Color is also subjective, and more or less up to the photographer unless you're trying to be as realistic as possible (ex. with a portrait for a corporate profile, where it has to look as natural as possible). But for everything else, color is really a matter of preference. Some people like natural skin tones, while others might like the more punchy/saturated color or deeper reds and blues over more accurate, but duller blues and reds.

Again, I don't think too much about the color science, except for when I'm photographing people, but the camera will capture the image however it can and it's up to me to make sure I have my ducks in a row and have the scene set up to get the best possible result (ie. lighting, gels for flashes/lighting, etc). Then it's a matter of making any additional corrections in post. And the other reason is because I know for most of my non-people photographs, I'm going to be playing around with the color a bit anyway (rarely do I just leave the color alone and simply export an image--I'm almost always tweaking color in post) so I don't get worked up about the differences between how my cameras capture color. They'll capture it however they can, and it's up to me (in post) to try to produce the image I had in my head at the time.

If you're really worried about color accuracy, then get a grey card or camera color calibration kit (like those from X-Rite) because that way you'll have a reference point to work from.

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