SAF Front Focus and CAF/SAF Focus Comparisons with the 300mm f4 – E-M1s.

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Re: SAF Front Focus and CAF/SAF Focus Comparisons with the 300mm f4 – E-M1s.

Interceptor121 wrote:

However the benefit you mentioned is subject detection that doesn’t use any af features it just informs AF of which focus area to use

Yes, that is true. But in the end, the result is what matters. Personally, I do not care about the technical aspect. I only need to understand how it works to make the best use of it.

What you write is correct when you use bird-AI it clearly first try to detect the bird even before you start the AF. Once you start to focus the AF "know where to focus. and this is working quite well in many situations and that is what matters to me.

this is more important to the average shooter that is going to significantly increase the number of shits taken

Not sure what you mean by this but in my experience, AF is what most matters to wildlife photographers even the most experienced one, more than noise or megapixel. I think "experienced" photographers care more about how good AF than others. And of course that you must be able to use it the proper way. That is why the big F2.8 - F4 lenses are so popular despite the price and why many wildlife photographers still use DSRL or start now that especially Sony and Canon have excellent autofocus, to switch to mirrorless.

For me the more 'experienced' I become, the more I care because I spend more time photographing and want to have results I am happy with. When I go out photographing I hope to come back with some good pictures, not to come back and tell how good I was at getting a good shot despite the second Liga AF. And this was the only aspect that made me consider several times to use another system since I know that with a Nikon, that I know less about than the Olympus, I have less difficulty to nail focus.
Now it seems the opposite so I am very happy.

To go back to the topic that is why I read often this forum because within tons of nonsense there are very useful posts made by people that take time to "explore" their camera features and share they finding like the OP.


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