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Gosh that's a depressing summary! My go-to 35mm is an M42 SMC Takumar 35mm f/2, which holds up well to FF edges (not quite corners) even wide open and never flares (unlike my Canon FDn 35mm f/2, which almost never doesn't flare ).

I wonder why you get so much flare from the FDn 35mm f/2? Not to say that it never happens, but it doesn't seem that awful to me and I find it to be outstanding in other areas like sharpness and contrast. I do always use a lens hood... I consider its 10 element construction with no aspherical elements to be one of the high points of the FD series. The EF version that followed it uses a 7 element design.

To put it bluntly, Canon's FDn coatings aren't very good and I'd argue 10 elements pushed it too far. However, they did manage to keep contrast high by making the flare structured rather than veiling. Honestly, it's not really every shot that has terrible flare... but most with interesting lighting seem to have at least a little somewhere, and it's often small enough splotches to not be obvious in the EVF, but still big enough to be annoying when viewing the captured image.

Overall, I do agree that the FDn 35mm f/2 is at least comparable in IQ to the SMC Takumar... but surprise flare is just not an acceptable thing. One trip to Turkey, I didn't bring any other 35mm lenses just to force myself to really give the FDn a fair test, but it produced way too many disappointing surprises. Sharpness and microcontrast are excellent, color is a little off wide open (lacking blue until you stop down), but it's the intense multi-color flares that sink the ship -- especially when they're not obvious in the EVF.

I really wonder, do our examples of this lens have the same coatings? I shot a sunset this evening with it and in a couple of dozen shots did not pick up flare in any image. This photo is SOOC, unaltered, nothing at all done to it except resized. Anyway, enjoy the 35mm f/2 Takumar, after reading the good things you say about it I hope to try one out someday.

Canon 35mm FDn f/2 @ f/11, 1/640 second

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