Question regarding the colors of the Z6 and Z7...

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Re: Question regarding the colors of the Z6 and Z7...

Jonathan0007 wrote:

For those of you who have (or have had experience using) both the Z6 and Z7, have you noticed a difference in color response in the JPEG and/or RAW files? Or do they appear to be identical?

As others have said, it depends on the RAW processor.  For example, I found LR to be off (too much purple tint) on the Daylight WB setting built-into LR.  Whereas on CaptureOne, the colors (and thus WB settings) look a bit more normal, although a bit more saturated, so your RAW processor of choice will make a difference.

I guess if you want a true test, download some of the sample NEF files from the site, download a copy of Nikon's free RAW processing program (CaptureNX) and compare yourself I guess (using the same settings in the RAW processor).  That would probably be a good test to tell you what you want regarding color.

Me personally, I haven't noticed a color difference in mine (other than the issue that I mentioned with LR but that's more a software issue).  I'd go out on a limb and say the color science between the two is probably almost identical out of the camera (JPEG) as they both most likely use the same algorithms for in-camera processing (they both use the same processor so I would assume the algorithms are nearly identical).  the only difference that might be at plan then would be differences in the sensor (not resolution, but how the sensor works in both bodies, since the sensor is different).  But I think from a color perspective (color rendition) its probably the same.

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