Would Like To Verify Exposure Duration

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Re: Would Like To Verify Exposure Duration

CharlesPhillips wrote:

All -

After solving several other difficult questions, now another one comes up. I have a Nikon D200 and use it to take photos of satellites, using mostly 10 second exposures. But it appears that the exposures are not exactly 10 seconds.

I am trying to think of way to measure the duration, I'd like to know to the tenth of a second. I think that the exposures are a little long.

I am cross posting to the Nikon discussions.

This thing has a mirror flipping up, and curtains traveling right? So you could just film at 30fps+ a series of exposures with another cam siting in front of the lens, with appropriate lighting. Going frame by frame, that should give a measure of your successive 10 s exposure times at (at least) +/- 1/3 of a tenth of a second... if you can see the curtains... but maybe the mirror move window is close enough. Average, standard deviation, etc... Crude but easy to try if you have access to another video capable cam.

I did that with a scope and a photocell when testing my OM4 eons ago in the lab.

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