My first attempt on P950 ...and some questions

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My first attempt on P950 ...and some questions


I finally picked up a P950 yesterday. I bought it primarily for bird photos. The light today is not really great but I couldn't wait to get out and try it. Here are a couple of shots of a grey heron at the bottom of my garden.

Taken NRW, Exif should show, cropped about 50% linearly (even 2000mm is not enough!), processed in DXO PL4 Prime NR

I would rather have used iso 100 as I think detail could have been kept a bit better, but with faith in PL4 I upped it to iso 400. Hopefully the weather will improve soon and let me try iso100.

Comments and helpful criticism would be good.

Now a couple of questions

Can I get rid of the image review after shooting? I lose the subject while it's in review

Is there an add on eyecup for p950? As a left eye shooter I find I am getting some light intrusion into the EVF (I can stop this with a hand over the EVF, so a rubber cup would be good

Do people use normal or active VR for telephoto shots?

I will have to get to grips with the manual, but I just wanted to get out shooting! I seems to have been only partly updated for RAW shooters. I assume much of the image manipulation stuff is not available in RAW. I will have go through and edit it.

Many thanks in advance for you help...I am looking forward to getting better and will post again...probably lots of questions!


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