Upgrading QNAP NAS (2x) - tough choices

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Re: Upgrading QNAP NAS (2x) - tough choices

You provided me with some good feedback recently, so I'm sure you know a lot more than me, but I will give you a few suggestions. I don't know if any of the following information is helpful, but you might find an idea that could mitigate at least some of your challenges.

Could you use local storage within each VM server and avoid the entire iSCSI speed problems? Are all of your devices located in different rooms? If you can get your devices in the same location, you could use higher-speed twisted pair patch cables or maybe DAC cables to connect devices directly instead of via a switch.

I just finished building an OpenMediaVault NAS to migrate away from a QNAP. I installed an Intel X520-DA2 10GbE dual-port NIC in the OMV NAS and am using one port to connect into a 10GbE switch port. I have a second X520-DA2 on order that I will install in another computer I am going to try setting up with ESXI or Proxmox. One port of the NIC in that computer will go into a 10GbE port on the switch and the other will port will direct connect to the second port on the NAS, via DAC cable, to serve as a dedicated link for iSCSI. I'm not sure I will stick with the ESXI or Proxmox solutions, but I want to try them and also evaluate iSCSI.

My two desktops (one Windows 10, the other Linux) are connected to 10GbE ports on the switch but only run at 2.5GbE. I have mounted SAMBA shares from the NAS to each desktop and am able to write data to the NAS at up to 290MB/second and read data at about 200MB/second using SSDs on both ends. I set up a vlan on the switch for the 10GbE traffic and each system also has a 1GbE connection via NICs integrated on the motherboards. My hardware is all in the same room, but each system is able to access the rest of the computers in my house, and the Internet, via the 1Gbe connection from the Aruba switch.

The 2.5GbE cards cost me about $20 each and the Intel X520-DA2 cards were under $100 each from eBay. The switch, an Aruba S2500-24T, was under $100 from Amazon. I think QNAP products are great, but being able to select my own hardware and NAS software gave me a lot more flexibility and performance.

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