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Ernie Misner wrote:

Boudewijn van der Drift wrote:

Diswantsho wrote:

Thanks, Boudewijn.

It is a great summary in that link.

I have the ec-24 cable that came with the camera, so I am giving that a try.

If you are like me, you will be bored soon with peeling off the side of the camera for every charge.

Your older batteries are are rated for a bit less mAh charge, and perhaps a bit lower voltage once charged then the new one.

The peak charging voltage is determined by the battery chemistry which is Li-Ion in this case I think, and not the capacity of the battery in mAh. My thought is that the newest charger might charge at a slightly faster rate to keep charging times down to normal.

For Li-Ion batteries the nominal voltage is 3.6 V/cell, max charge voltage is 4.1, best storage voltage is 3.7, and the minimum discharge voltage is 2.9 - 3.2V. Note that none of this has anything to do with the capacity in mAh.

If your older batteries survived whatever charger you used, so will the new one. Because it can take more charge and perhaps more volts. I see as the only risk, that you miss out on a few extra mAh's of charge. If you like experimenting, charge it first with your existing charger, pop it in the camera, connect the USB and see if it adds an appreciable amount before the orange charging light on the camera extinguishes.

Just keep an eye on the battery indicator and the one but last item of the set up menu (the wrench): "battery info" for awhile.

Yes, and as you said the End of Charge voltage of Li-ion is variable. For the same battery, higher voltage means more charge. Too much voltage/charge poses a fire hazard, there was a Samsung mobile where they had become abit to greedy. Oh and the Boeing dreamliner had a similar story. So the charger cuts out at a conservative safe voltage/charge. I trust Nikon in this, but still like to charge batteries outside the camera.

The Li-ion chemistries (there are at least 5 main ones) are still being improved towards higher safe voltages/charges. This is why manufacturers comes out with new improved types.

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