Purpose-centric advice buying a new camera

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An important consideration choosing equipment.



Read thru this thread which states that the R6 can't do multiple exposures with the 24-105mm kit lens. It's not entirely clear what types of multiple exposures they are referencing, and whether that includes what is called focus bracketing/stepping, which is an extremely useful technique, but some restrictions on some types of "multiple exposures" are apparently the case with several different lenses on one or more of the Canon R-family bodies.

I would thoroughly research this before purchase. (Including whether the R camera you are interested in allows such techniques -- not all cameras do. (In checking for a feature, always consult the latest instruction manual, as sometimes features not present when released get added later in a firmware update)). Frankly, nowadays, unless there was some OTHER unique feature that I needed and which that equipment and no other had, I simply would not buy any lens, or camera, that prevented me from using various "multiple exposure" techniques. They are that useful.

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