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RobCon619 wrote:

I just upgraded from the original Blackmagic Pocket to the Blackmagic Pocket 4k.

95% of the use of this camera is going to be promoting my business online. I do terrible videos like this one: Example Video

I am looking to set this camera up with what I need. Should I worry about shooting in 4k RAW? If I should, only some of the external media cards will work.

Also, does anyone has any recommendations on what lens I should be looking at?

Thank you for all your help!

I’m always a proponent of shooting in RAW if for no other reason than you can set white balance in post but you really don’t need to. Blackmagic has so many compressed RAW options that it hardly makes sense not to shoot in RAW. Plus I don’t really know why you’d get a BMPCC if you didn’t intend to shoot in RAW.

I would recommend shooting in 4k unless your computer just can’t handle it. You obviously care about image quality or you wouldn’t be here asking.

Lens are the most important thing when it comes to image quality so it really depends on how much you want to invest. 35mm seems like a good focal length for this type of shooting. Just remember to get a cinema lens with all manual controls. Something like the Meike 35mm T2.2 MFT would be a good budget lens. If you are just gonna be standing there in one spot the need for ultra expensive lenses is questionable.

My recommendation if you want to enhance the production value of your video is get a better microphone before anything else. The image quality is decent and it’s well edited but the sound quality is very poor.

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