K-3III test video in Guangzhou.

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Re: K-3III test video in Guangzhou.

Gary Martin wrote:

In the comments, when asked on hybrid AF during Live view, the person who posted the video replies that LV AF is similar with that on the KP, while someone else replies that it has on-sensor PDAF, while not so fast as the Nikon D780 (fewer PDAF pixels). Honestly, I was not expecting or desiring the complications of on sensor PDAF in a DSLR and this is not in the released specs (contrast detection AF only, shown under Live view in the official specs). So we'll have to wait and see, nothing reliable.

If they're getting this sensor from Sony, and it's the same one as Fuji uses, the PDAF pixels are already there so they might as well use them.

The sensor Fuji uses also has the X-Trans color filter array which is their proprietary mosaic and, of course, not going to be used by Pentax. The microlens layer, the masking for PDAF pixels and the CFA are custom and Sony can manufacture them to the required specs. The 20 Mp Four Thirds Sony sensor has on-sensor PDAF in Olympus cameras but not in Panasonic cameras.

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