Sony 7ac, deleting new pictures

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Re: Sony 7ac, deleting new pictures

I don't have an A7C, but I have and had several A7 series cameras. I have never had problems with deleting photos in-camera, with the garbage can button. I always format new cards in-camera, and usually reformat them after transferring files from a big shoot.

Where I have seen problems is with deleting files other than with the camera's garbage can button - or modifying them in any way, such as rotation, on the card. Sony seems to use a file index in addition to the files themselves, and deleting a file in a card reader or over the cable does not seem to update the index.

I have also often seen warnings from Windows that something is wrong with my SD card when I put it in the card reader. I always ignore these. There's never any problem with reading the cards, even though Windows complains about them.

I have a few times seen a Recover ... ? message when inserting a card into the camera. It has given me the option of yes or no, not done anything without asking. Pretty sure every time I've seen that I had already copied off all the files, so I didn't worry about saying Yes, and it never lost anything in that process.

I have also, rarely, and only with the original A7, seen situations where my laptop's card reader couldn't read one raw file out of a set of shots, but could read all the other raw and JPG files. In those cases, I was able to copy the raw file over the USB cable with the card in the camera.

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