Better camera, better photos ???

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Better camera, better photos ???

I know this might vary a lot, depending on how experienced the photographer is to begin with.

I also know that a person, especially myself, always has room to grow. But then most especially when I produce one of my best shots, I often feel like I've done "close" to what my gear is capable of, and the only thing that would make it a lot better, would be the same exact image, with better DR, and 50 or mp's of razor sharp detail.... which my camera can only do with stitching, and bracketed sets for HDR.

I do enjoy just getting out in nature, and watching beautiful scenes and sunsets + I'm an animal lover.... So I'd like to say, even if I didn't have a camera with me at all, I'd still enjoy getting out.... but then again, that would be much like going out on the lake without my fishing poles. Sure, I love being out there, but catching the biggest fish I possibly can is pretty important too.

I dunno'.... I still enjoy it, but a nice $10-15K setup would sure boost the excitement.

PS, I've never really been a victim of GAS. Typically, once every 4-6 years, I get a new camera, and 2 or 3 new lenses in one shot, then buy nothing else for another 4-6 years. Well it's been 5 years now, since I made a $6K camera gear purchase.... But I'm not really in the position to spend $10-14K on a new camera and 2 or 3 new lenses....

Do you believe a new camera + lens or three would make a big difference in your images ? Oh, and how long have you been shooting + what level is the gear your using now?

Thank You 🙂

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