Camera bag for Leica Q2 - part ii

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Camera bag for Leica Q2 - part ii

Normally $400, the A/M, Adam miralli medium bag is currently on rebate (black) for $250 at B&H. I added the Billingham shoulder pad SP-20. IMO it is a must have in some form. Use the Payboo from B&H for no tax etc..

I have been looking at Wotancraft Trouper and Pilot both medium the 10L size for the Q2 kit. They look great and I have had a couple messages with them. They are helpful.

I bought the ONA Sidekick and Ona Bowery and returned them. Again, all subjective from my prior review. One reason is I dont like the closing system on the Ona's

When it comes to the Billingham Small Pro it works fine for a small bag. It is not as long or tall as the A/M bag. It has a similar design a bit of a cousin to each other.

I am a little apprehensive to buy Wotancraft mostly because you have to be 100% certain the bag will work for sake of a USA international delivery. The return fee will be a good part of $70 or pretty much half the cost of the bag to begin with (based on the two I am interested). While they offer free shipping, it can take 2-3 weeks to deliver or about 10 days if you want to pay an extra $50 (not going to happen)

I will say if B&H Photo did not carry Billingham I would not have risked it. The Hadley Pro is a fine bag buy very Narrow for my taste and that bag got retuned as well.

What I like about the A/M bag after a few hours is for the Q2 it works fine. I have the match tech cap on with the RRS L-grip. I can fit a flash (SF60 size), table top tripod, xtra battery, filters, light meter in the various pockets. It is deep (good thing) but not too deep.

I like to see some of the Billingham features in this A/M bag. Expandable front pockets, a way to secure the (internal)  insert whether with Velcro or button snaps. Additional compartment options like Billingham and even Domke offers.

My Sony A7iii will fit this bag (I think) with no battery grip and 24-105 mm much like the Billingham Hadley Small pro. I prefer my camera be accessible when I can grab the grip. Not the lens up or cause the bag is so tight lens down, plus if you drop the bag lens down I don’t think that would be good.

I would say the A/M bag is designed for the rangefinder style. I guess the other Leica’s, Fuji X100 series, BUT part of me also says that this bag is overkill for non-Leica use vs what else is out there and that extra $200 retail price can be spent smarter. I do not even think I would pay $300 for this bag.. Upper end of where I felt the value.

What I would like to see is the price not be $400. I can’t say this bag is worth $400, but $250 seemed ok. You pay $150-$200 for Think Tank, $200-$300 for Billingham. Even Wotancraft at $160 - $250 for the two bags I mentioned sure ok. Yes it is odd to say $400 for a bag is too much when we all know what the Q2 costs. My thought is what are you getting for $400 that other bags don’t offer. Yeah, there is that “fashion bag” idea like Ona is. To me Think Tank is a fantastic bag.

Years ago, my time working in a camera store, bags, batteries, filters, memory cards are things marked up 20% - 50%.  SO there is really nothing special this bag does that Think Tank or Ona and the same type cant do.  I would say in the hand I like the manufacturing

As always I do need to get out and see what it is like in the field. If it has to get returned it will, but I feel better about this bag than I did about Ona.  Wotancraft just have to be more than 100% certain or just be ok with blowing about $300 by the time I add a couple pouches etc..

Fujifilm FinePix X100
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