Diamonds are ... not a photographer's best friend! ;-)

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Re: Diamonds are ... not a photographer's best friend! ;-)

miles green wrote:

philzucker wrote:

GossCTP wrote:

I don't know how well it would work for macro, but i know my wife's diamonds tend to be the most sparkly in rooms with lots of small overhead lights. Often, that's what they have in a jewelry store.

My observation is that they really sparkle with movement - hard to catch with still photography. But as Plakanina has pointed out in this thread some hard light as a kicker could add this sparkle missing even from my best attempt.

Thanks for looking and for your suggestion! Much appreciated.


GossCTP is right, there is a very goor reason that jewelry stores have hundreds of tiny spot lights installed on the ceiling.

That and focus stacking, and a pure white background i think. The texture of the cloth is distracting.

At that magnification any cloth's texture can become distracting ...

But I heeded your advice, used something white and tried again with the Tamron 90, this time via K-to-E-Mount adapter on a Sony alpha 6000 (higher resolution in the center, no mirror slap). Best result was this one:

Sparkles a bit more. But all in all I have to say with a thing tiny like that one my lighting capabilities really hit a limit.

A last shot shows it near to the tip of my index finger. Just measured the gem directly, and that little diamond has a diameter of even slightly less than 2 millimeters ...

I also tried the Tamron 90 on the Q7, but focusing with this setup - even using the macro rail - was almost impossible. Of course with that tiny sensor the little gem almost filled the frame. Here one of the underwhelming, not really sharp results - but at least uncropped this time:

That's it. I think I'm giving up on that little one now. At least I tried!

Diamonds are indeed NOT a photographer's best friend!

Indeed they aren't.

Thanks for looking, Miles, and your comment and suggestions!


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