Fuji 23mm f1.4 vs 35mm f1.4

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Re: Fuji 23mm f1.4 vs 35mm f1.4

Truman Prevatt wrote:

I owned the 23 f1.4 and sold it. You are right in your observations concerning the 35 f1.4 and 23. The 35 mm equivalent has been the traditional lens on fixed lens 35 mm cameras for one reason - it is a good compromise if one cannot change lenses. But like any compromise it is a trade off in that it is often too short and often two long. It's a compromise but not a Goldilocks lens. My Goldilocks lens is the 35 f1.4. If I wanted wide angle, I'd grab a true wide angle lens like the 18 or 16 mm

Sure. Thanks.

I just fear going on a 5 month trip with the 35mm f1.4 because I often like to capture night shots in clubs or bars, or just quick shops of food vendors at night, etc. On the fly - without having to really setup the shot too much.

For daytime shooting I'm sure I'll use the 16mm cause I love it.

The 23mm f1.4 seems like a good compromise because it allows me to physically be closer to my subject while retaining low light capabilities.

However, as another poster mentioned the 35mm f1.4 has a 'soul' - I know that will sound silly to many - but the portraits often just come out looking more artistic, dramatic, and with a strange darkness to them.

The 23mm as far as I've seen (and ALL of the other fuji lenses I own are very clinical. Tack sharp, accurate, but without that soul.

But asking about the soul of a lens on the forum might cause collective eye rolls.

I dearly love the 35mm - was hoping the 23mm f.14 had a bit of that magic. Over the last week I've been shooting with 27mm, 23mm f2, and they surely are reasonable - but they don't capture that unexpected... something...

I'll probs buy the 23mm f1.4 this weekend and just test it out for myself and hope for best.

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