Macro with Oly 60 mm

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Re: The Oly 60 mm

“And of course it's more convenient than the shorter ones for the closer range and probably plenty sharp enough in any case.”

The 60mm has a close focus distance of 19cm while the 30mm is 9.5cm. Interestingly the 12-45mm f4 has a cf of 12cm at 12mm of 0.5:1 (35mm equivalent).

Now 0.5:1 may not seem like macro but it is exactly the same as folk had when the OmZ 50mm f3.5 was introduced. Furthermore it’s at the wide end of the lens. There is no other DSLR lens that can do that not Nikky, Canny etc etc ad infinitum, none, nada, period.

And here’s a fact that totally went over the heads of all those sterling ambassadors and reviewers that it was no coincidence that the 1245 was released at the  same time as the E-M1 III; for as all is macro-nerds know ... macro lenses are brilliant for astrophotography because of the flat plane.  Hence a 12mm macro lens would be exceptional on its own but genuinely world beating if coupled with a starry sky af program. Now I wonder who does one of those...

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