Upgrading QNAP NAS (2x) - tough choices

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Upgrading QNAP NAS (2x) - tough choices

I want more speed, specifically SSD tiering, in my two QNAP's.     But where to begin, where will the biggest benefit come?

I have two QNAP's, one used for iSCSI to three VMWare 'test' servers, which also host some important virtual servers, including my website poor as it is.   The virtual servers are served up via iSCSI 1Gbpe links, and accessed via separate 1Gbpe links.

The other (not iSCSI target) does a lot of everything else, but the most important function is backing up my photo and video library (about 4TB currently).  I have 27TB of usable space on this QNAP, so it does things like streaming video (occasionally).

If I am to upgrade, I'm just starting to calculate where to start.   If I do the iSCSI infrastruction, it will be more convenient to start and stop my virtual servers - but I only need to do that when firmware-updating the iSCSI QNAP target.   Unfortunately they seem to have firmware updates almost monthly and sometimes more often.  Very disruptive to have to restart about 15 servers.   But other than that, I don't see iSCSI speedups having any real day-to-day benefit to me.

If I update my LAN side, then I can access those virtual servers (and QNAP NAS) at higher speeds whenever I need to access something, and backups should be much faster too.   The two QNAPs are the only devices in my network not running off SSD, but of course that means all my virtual servers aren't either.

The cost to upgrade my iSCSI infrastructure - and here I have cable plant limitation because I only have Cat5e in the walls - would be a 5/8-port switch, three quad-port nics (2.5, 5 or 10Gbpe) for the ESXi servers,  And a new QNAP with a fast NIC,

To feel it on my end PC, I need a 24-port switch, 3 fast NIC's (three PC's in use), 3 fast quad-port NICs for the ESXi servers, and a new QNAP.

To do both, I'll need two switches and two QNAPs.

I feel like the starting point here is one of the QNAPs, since I would gain a fair amount from SSD tiering regardless of network speed.    Doing both of those is a bit off-putting right now due to cost of both QNAPs ($800 or so for a TS-673), upgrading the RAM in them to max, and adding in one or two SSD's for caching.

Where would you begin?

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