Interesting article for XT4 and BiF I felt

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Re: Interesting article for XT4 and BiF I felt

CameraCarl wrote:

I've been thinking of switching from Canon DSLRs to the Fuji system because I need to start carrying less weight around, so this thread is interesting. If anyone has switched from Canon to Fuji and is doing BIF photography, what are your thoughts? Is it worth the switch? How good is the Fuji for birds and wildlife?

(By the way I would likely be switching from a Canon 7D mark II with the 100-400 IS II lens and (sometimes a 1.4xIII extender) to the XT4 with the XF 100-400.)

I have made the switch and I have the X-T3 with Fuji  100-400 with and without 1.4 Tc but for birds in flight stay with your canon, Fuji is miles behind Canon with BIF, especially for small birds and birds with little contrast from the rest of the enviremont. I have the 7D mark II and the 5d Mark IV with 100-400mm +1,4 TC which are much better . For landscapes portrait and birds in rest  the X-T3 is a very good camera. I have tried one year and a half to reach the performance of the canon for BIF but I cannot get the results that I can with my canon stuff. If you want a fast mirrorless camera for BIF get the R5 or the Sony A9 but that are fullframes and then you need a longer reach lens.

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