Green Cay and Wako yesterday

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snapa wrote:

It was such a nice day, me and the wife decided to go out for 2 hours and check out the wildlife. We went to Green Cay first for one hours and one lap, then did the same at Wako since it's only a five minute drive. When we got to Wako, Justin was there waiting to take a few BIF pictures just before sunset, it's always nice to see him out there! Although it takes about 30 minutes to get there, it was well worth the drive, as you will see. It seems like the birds have finally started to nest and fill the small islands of trees, so there was plenty to see and shoot.

Indeed - like someone threw a light switch - Wako goes from no woodstorks nesting to 50-60 of them nesting in just one week!

I have plenty more pictures to share, but I can only post a few in the OP, but I'll start out with the pictures I think were worth posting first. I don't take too many BIF pictures, so I figured I'd throw a few into the mix. I don't get that many keeper BIF pictures, I wonder if the improved AF on the a6400/a6600 would give me more keepers?

Probably you'd get more keepers, but it's evolutionary - the new focus system is better at tracking with the subject, but the A6300 is no slouch at acquiring focus and the continuous focus system can keep up with really fast birds if you have good panning technique - the only real difference is having the tracking system be able to lock onto the subject and help avoid anything else catching the focus' attention.  The A6300 AF has no trouble at all, but it can switch off the subject if it flies behind a tree or another bird on occasion because it's not actually tracking or locked on a subject, it's just continuously focusing on the closest subject.  Lock-on AF mode simply can't keep up with flying birds on the A6300, so most of us just avoided using it.  Tracking-AF mode on the 6400/6600 works as it should, so it's very usable.

But it's not going to mean you'll come home with a 100% hit rate on all moving subjects!  And it still requires good panning technique to keep the bird in the experience/practice will still yield more keepers and better results than improved tracking algorithms will.

The first gator shot came out very nice with the warm light on him, and the glossy ibis were nicely captured to pick up the iridescence.  The iguana, and the final wood stork in flight were my other two favorites here.

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