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Lithium batteries do not suffer from memory effect. They are best stored at about 40% for long term storage.

Deep discharge isn't absolutely necessary, and can damage a lithium battery. But they do have a life cycle, generally around 200 charge / discharge cycles.

Excellent answer. The only thing I might disagree with is the number of charge/discharge cycles. I think it's probably closer to double your number. It is dependent on how extreme the discharge and charge rates are. High rates will reduce the number of cycles (life). That's not so much of a concern with the discharge rate our cameras place on the battery. We have no control over this. Note that I'm talking about discharge rate, not level.

Personally, I try to swap batteries at, or not much below, the 20% level. That's probably a bit on the cautious side, but I always have plenty of batteries on hand. I never allow a battery to become totally discharged.

My Nikon batteries seem to have a better life cycle. My 18650 lithium batteries run a bit over the 200 cycle.

I number all of my batteries based on their age. When I remove battery number 3 from the camera, I replace it with battery number 4. All of my batteries are then cycled, as opposed to just randomly grabbing one and having some batteries be used a lot, while others don't get used.

However, I don't track the number of charge/discharge cycles. They last until I recognize them as not properly holding a charge while in storage, or not lasting what I deem to be a normal life during usage. It's nothing really scientific on my part. Just experience.

What I know is that my batteries typically last for years. I get my moneys worth out of them. And, I'm not one of those people that places OEM batteries on a pedestal above aftermarket batteries. I don't look for the cheapest battery on Ebay, but stick with well known aftermarket brands. Wasabi has been my favorite. However, my Wasabi batteries that worked fine in my Z7, will not work at all in my Z7 II. It spits up a failure error immediately on power up. I've switched to B&M batteries. I'll see how they hold up over time.

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