Foveon sensor looks at The Great Nebula in Orion

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Re: Foveon sensor looks at The Great Nebula in Orion


xpatUSA wrote:

Interesting that the Merrill image looks "better" but the Pentax captured more stars (bottom right).

No, sorry, it does not look "better". Just look at those broad purple vertical bands below the nebula all the way down to the bottom of the image. These are artifacts the Foveon sensors produce with low light/high ISO and which can't be reduced by image processing without removing the nebula altogether. If one would post such an image on an astronomy forum one would probably get banned for lifetime...

Don't get me wrong, this is not intended as critique. But I am also an amateur astronomer and really have tried everything with my Sigma cameras over the years. Apart from taking pictures of the moon (for which these cameras work nicely) every other attempt at astrophotography is just a waste of lifetime.

For 1/2 the price of a pre-owned SD1 Merrill (are there any new ones left?) one can find a large choice of perfectly astro-capable cameras. I got myself a Canon EOS 6D full frame camera for that purpose. There are not too many clear nights and there is no point in wasting them using tools that are not up to the job.



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