"One bag to rule them all....."

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Re: "One bag to rule them all....."

KAAMBIC wrote:

"And in the darkness, bind them".

Ever get tired of your bag not fitting your kit? Yes i know there are some of you who found one that fits, but not me. Seems like every bag was a bit too wide, or too small, or was the right size but the wrong design (i hate backpack designs). And as my kit grows, whichever kit i have, the bag becomes insufficient. Well no more...

For scale, above is the EF 85 1.8 on a Fringer adapter, on an X-S10, not the smallest lens setup. I wanted something with a simplified design, sitting flat and not having 17 different types of compartments, and then big enough to fit anything i will buy in the future. Finally...

The height is about 10" or so, plenty high enough for any lens i will buy. A longer lens can be laid on it's side. I will using the left two columns for lenses, and i will NEVER own 8 lenses + one on the body so it's more than enough. The right side for the body and accessories.

The mesh zipper slide on the hood will be for light stuff like wires, wipe cloth, ect. $75. Im finally done bag shopping, thank you Vanguard.

It looks fine for storing equipment at home or in the boot of a car but looks totally impractical for use in the field. I prefer something like the Billingham bags, I have four, all different sizes depending on the type of cameras I'm carrying and/or the quantity. Top loading reporter style bags, other brands have similar.

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