Precision Camera Disappoints Another User

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Re: Precision Camera Disappoints Another User

PAntunes wrote:

AZheaven wrote:

PAntunes wrote:

So they fixed the lens? You had no problem with the repair, no problem with communication or price, no problem with the time you had to wait, etc?
You're disappointed because you didn't like the way they packaged your lens? A lens that arrived in perfect condition?
I had Tamron telling me a massively misaligned lens was "within specs", and samyang, on a paid repair, sending me a lens that would miss focus every 7 out of 10 photos as a repaired item.
That's what I call disappointing. The way they wrap the lenses? That's a small footnote.

If Precision Camera has a packing guideline then they should follow their own rules when returning gear that has been fixed. It's not a "do as I say not as I do" rule. It should work both ways. When I get my camera back from repair I'll report on how they returned it.

It’s a rule on how to send to them. Not on how they’ll send to you.

That is called a double standard. They should return the gear, YOUR precious and expensive gear that one has paid with ones hard earned money, not Precisions money mind you the same way you sent it to them. I don't even know why you would think along the lines you do.

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