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Re: Shot from White Water Canyon

To be honest, Rod, I also bought my Plasma for the wide viewing angles back in 2009 and I fully appreciate your reluctance to part with any TV that is functioning as it should do. If and when you do reach a point where you’re ready to change, however, also bear in mind that OLED tech affords equally wide viewing angles as Plasma, which is the main reason I made the switch, as well as for the deep blacks that are absent in so many standard LCD/LED versions.

In respect of critical viewing as a whole, OLED tech offers the richer experience to most folks who invest in it and the potential for screen burn-in is nowhere near as high as OLED critics may suggest, as it’s pretty much safeguarded against with pixel-shift and other built-in gadgetry in the way Plasma was.

Overall, I find my OLED every bit and more enjoyable to view than my old Panasonic Plasma, enhanced all the more by the modern 4K resolution. Being a bit of a film buff that’s bugged by any imperfections in picture quality, I seldom find reason to be critical of the OLED unless it’s being fed by less than suitable input. But as more and more of today’s movies and TV programmes are filmed in formats designed specifically to be enjoyed in higher resolutions, the future looks very rosy indeed for this kind of entertainment. Plus, of course, still images from my FZ300, FZ2000 and all other digital cameras generally view superbly on it, too. Ultimately, it makes for one very impressive 55” photo monitor, which to me represents the icing on the cake of my investing in it.

As for your Loon image, thank you very much for being kind enough to indulge my request. As it is, I do prefer the new version in which the whole bird is in view, as to my eyes this appears to represent around the limit a small sensor can be cropped whilst preserving some detail. Not only that, but by displaying the whole bird, you’ve given a clearer indication of the whole scale difference between the Loon and its meal. Good stuff. Thanks again for your time. Thanks also for posting the fish-swallowing version. I very much appreciate your kindness and participation overall.

If you care to share more, by all means please feel free to post as many of your 2020 images that you regard appropriate to the thread title.

Kind regards, all the best and happy shooting…

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