Two questions regarding X-S10

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Re: Two questions regarding X-S10

ms18 wrote:

Disclaimer : I don't have a way to see the camera in person as the city I live does not have Fuji cameras. I need travel 450km in pandemic time to see it or buy it. There for it's essential to know these two important features before hand. I tried many written articles and youtube videos. no avail. Hence i require your assistance as many of you would have access to this camera or own one

Another disclaimer is I always shoot in manual (while previewing exposure in histogram and EVF), I don't find comfortable shooting Aperture priority / shutter priority / Auto ISO modes.

The first question comes about C1 , C2, C3, C4 dials.

Is it possible to have different independent shutter speed, Aperture , ISO values stored in these modes.


C1 - f/1.4 | ISO1600 | 1/1000

C2 - f/8 | ISO1600 | 1/30

C3 - f/1.4 | ISO200 | 1/125

C4 - f/4 | ISO800 | 1/60

If my math is correct all 4 would yield same exposure but with varying degree of subject freezing ability and depth of field set via varying Shutter, aperture, ISO.

The biggest concern is all my prime lenses has dedicated aperture dial. Can this be still done?


Second question is separate. no connection with first question.

As I see in reviews, to change ISO i need to press a button and then rotate the dial. Is there a way to change ISO directly by rotating a dial without pressing a button before hand. Similar to we change aperture / Shutter speed. I often find my self changing ISO than shutter speed or Aperture. So by doing some customization can i assign one dial to change ISO directly without pressing a button before hand?


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