Next move up from my trusty old D5300

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Re: Next move up from my trusty old D5300

F8AD wrote:

Thank you ! I like both the 7200 and the 7500, but really want the flip screen.It's so nice when you are shooting at/near ground level. Even when I didn't use it, the 5300 screen could be flipped flat backwards so the screen faced in. Nice.
Any personal insight into strongpoints of the focus system of the D7500? I've read so many specs and figures; now I'm looking for first-hand experiences.
Living out in cowflop land has scenic advantages,but walking into a store and trying out a camera isn't one of them . .

I don't have a D7500 (I do have a D7200 and a D500) but I have used a friend's a few times.

The D7500's focus system does seem a little faster and seems to track better than the D7200 but in reality this only comes into play for fast moving subjects like birds in flight (at which the D500 is considerably better than both of them).

As good a camera as the D5300 is all of these newer models are a step up in build quality, durability and weather sealing and the many extra button controls on the back means you won't have to delve into menus to make changes.  They will also support older screw drive Nikon lenses many of which can be had inexpensively.

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