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Re: Crop circles

kathala wrote:

Equisolid displacement = 2f.sin (angle/2)
Apparently the Sigma 8mm f4 AF EX & convex mirrors show this sort of image.

Equidistant displacement = f. (angle in radians)
The Peleng 8mm f/3.5 was claimed to match this design

Orthogonal displacement= f. sin (angle)
Rarely used in photography

I've found a note that the 'Yasuhara - Madoka 180 circular fisheye' is an orthogonal example.

Stereographic displacement = 2f.tan (angle/2)
Rarely used in photography no examples known

Thoby displacement= A.f.sin(angle.B) (where A & B are constants in any one design)
The AF DX Nikkor 10.5mm f2.8 ED being given as an example.

Apparently most real world fisheyes often don't quite match any of these projections!

I've found some of the fisheye converters I have cramp a lot of the FOV into the edges of the image - which doesn't make for a pleasing image!

Thanks Petrochemist! The 12/2.8 FF Samyang fisheye is reported to be stereographic. I saw some intriguing comparisons on which it looks less "fishy" than other 11-15s

Thanks the samyang 12/2.8 is now added to my camera reference notes

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