Which filter for Nikon 14-30 f4?

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Which filter for Nikon 14-30 f4?


I bought Nikon 14-30 f4 and now for I'll have to buy one filter for this lens. On a few forums I saw that
CPL is not recommender for such wide lens, so I'm thinking to buy one UV filter and later ND filter.

So anyone who has this lens, which UV filter is recommended? As I understand it has to be (ultra) slim for
not getting additional vignetting at 14mm?

I'm considering between:
- Hoya Fusion Antistatic UV (https://hoyafilter.com/product/fusion_uv/)
- Hoya HD Nano UV (https://hoyafilter.com/product/hd_nano_uv/)
- B+W XS-Pro UV Haze MRC-Nano 010M (https://schneiderkreuznach.com/en/vorlage/uv-clear)

Also, does any owner of Nikon 14-30 use Nisi V6 filter system. I'm wondering whether is there any additional vignetting wich CPL and one (or two) square ND filters at 14mm? I suppose you could use just ND filters without CPL with NISI V6?

Thank you for answers!

Best regards

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