A Peculiar Compromise

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Re: A Peculiar Compromise

Loved most of your post, but (you knew it was coming, didn't you :-))...

You cannot "see" RAW files.

You can only see what is on your screen after the processing chain of RAW to RGB conversion and then display on your monitor.

There is mapping at each stage. In Lightroom and other converters you can choose the tone/predominance of each particular colour to your taste. Look e.g. at Canon's different profiles for Landscape and portrait work. I try and avoid LR's default.

Indeed adobe now give you 20+ profiles out-of the box. That's 20+ different ways of making the same byte value in the RAW file appear on screen.

And then if your monitor is not calibrated (IE to provide a fudge factor for every possible value) who knows what will appear on your screen. I know mine isn't correct - I'm using two monitors right now and they both look different.

(And I bet the Ricoh's Sony sensors use the same Bayer array dyes as everybody else).

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