Where is a Sony 40mm f1.4 GM? There are enough 35mms

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Re: Where is a Sony 40mm f1.4 GM? There are enough 35mms

Magnar W wrote:

UBrot wrote:

I'd also really like a 40mm prime. It sits so nicely inbetween 35 and 50 and eliminates my need for both

Is really both needed? Pick the one that suit your style of shooting, and both will serve the photographer well for creating image content where such focal lengths have their place, I would say.

What about the gap between 50 mm and 85 mm. Need a 60 mm or 70 mm primes? or a 65 mm? Just wondering.

Photography is just my hobby, so I don't really 'need' any lenses. Or a camera for that matter...

But it really is about the gapping so to speak.

I had a 35 and a 50 but hardly took both of these on photo walks. I like to travel lightweight, so most of the time it was just the 35 and a wideangle lens. 35 is quite a universal FL, but then again for me it misses the more normalish field of view.

I tried a 40 and really like it. It just seems to be my jack-of-all-trades lens.

At the moment my kit consists of Tamron 20mm - Konica 40mm - Minolta MD 135mm. Goal is to get the 40mm Batis and perhaps I'll exchange the 135 with a modern 85 with AF.

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