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Re: This whole thread is based on a garbage comparison

Karl_Guttag wrote:

RDM5546 wrote:

Thank you for chiming in on this Karl. Always nice to hear a voice of reason. Ultra Wide zooms should only compared over their zoom range with the reasonable alternative.

Thanks, you are coming at this from a different perspective as a pro photographer. I'm an engineer that likes photography.

My point was that the whole comparison was bogus. I love objective comparisons and analysis (and have the post to prove it). Anyone with an R5 and L-lenses who looked at those two images and think that it must be the RF15-35 that is messed up should look in a mirror for the problem. I can't trust that the image was focused properly if they didn't realize both the exposure and white balance were screwed up between the two pictures.

I'm all for knowing which lens to use. Say you want a shot at 35mm and you don't need f2 depth of focus. Is it worth switching to the RF28-70f2? Or as a closer choice, is it worth switching to the RF24-70f2.8? If you feel you MUST switch lenses, then you have a problem you should not have with a $2K+ L lens. Everything I have read suggests that the RF15-35 is an excellent lens (some saying the best lens Canon ever made), but I know it has it weak spots.

I think any fair-minded person would like to see a fair comparison, particularly to the RF24-70f2.8. I don't have the 24-70f2.8 (yet). Based on my experience with other zooms I have seen over the years and particularly with the RF lineup, I would expect (don't know) the RF15-35mm will be better than the RF24-70f2.8 in the range from 24-30mm and are probably very close at 35 in terms of sharpness. Other factors such as bokeh could be better on the 24-70 as it is more important for that lens in its intended uses. Canon (and other lens makers) tend to let things go wackier and depend more on lens profile correction at the wide end. They also go a little soft at the far end, but not by as much as at the wide end. And note this is only for the outer part of the lenses, all the RF seem darn sharp in the center 1/2 to 2/rds of the field even wide open, even on the non-L lenses.

The RF 28-70 is a good with a large fan base. It big and heavy or maybe I would gone for it. I found it in between my RF 24-70 F2.8 and and my various primes that are smaller and lighter. Good lens though for the right buyer. No me. I only compare RF15-35 with the other great flat front zoom the EF16-35f2.8L III. I have and love both these lenses. I invested in the RF15-35mm in the RF version since I used the EF16-35 with my 5D MKIV a bunch and the prospect of 15mm was exciting for indoor shooting for me. I am sure which is sharper but I guess RF version and it 15mm which is a lot when it comes to depth of field. 14MM is even greater depth of field capable. Indoors this make a difference. I have also at times almost bought Sigma 14MM prime for the focal length. However, it's is expensive and I think the now with 15MM I close enough. The RF 15-35mm and RF 24-70 are my primary professional use lenses. So they matter to. Me I have may EF L lenses. Around 14 of them and my usage is scattered. I need them for my 5D Mk14. I still like optical viewfinders for some shooting but the R5 EVF is very good. Maybe with more training and time shooting I will part with my trusted and excellent 5D mkIV but it too for me to know that. Backups are important too particularly until my muscle memory is perfect on the mirrorless bodies. The R and R5 both power tools for me for some jobs now but I have a lot to learn about them. Particularly shooting 4K video that I am newer too. I find the my new Ninja V a truly awesome too for improving R5 quality and speeding up workflow using SSDs. The RF 15-35mm is a flexible and truly awesom R5 video lens for me in both FF and crop movie 4KHQ mode. I am sure not everyone needs a ultrawide like the RF 15-35. If you don't need what it does it is very expensive for a lens.

If you get this upset and worked up over someone not particularly liking your favourite lens maybe you should rethink your profession?

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