Anyone swapped from Fuji to Nikon Z?

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Re: Anyone swapped from Fuji to Nikon Z?

Made the switch from Fuji X to Nikon Z two months ago. Generally with the same settings and comparable sensor technology (e.g. BSI sensors from X-Trans 4 vs Z6II) you will find one stop advantage in noise/DR for the Z, but then Fuji lenses are usually 2/3 to 1 stop faster than similarly-sized/priced Z lenses (XF 1.2/1.4 line vs Z 1.8 S line) so that advantage pretty much cancels out. If you are switching to Z in anticipation of better low-light IQ you are going to be disappointed unless you are willing to use f/1.2 FF lenses.

My main reason for switching is the lens ecosystem. Fuji is taking forever to update their older f/1.4 lenses while Nikon is offering f/1.8 primes with weather sealing and modern stepping motors. My dog photography work is gravitating toward a FF 70-200/2.8 which Fuji doesn't have an equivalent of, and animal eye AF is always helpful. I also think Z-mount will get much better third-party support due to sharing the FF sensor with RF and FE, and we already have lots of interesting designs like Tamron trinity, Sigma DN or Samyang pancakes that will likely be ported to Z-mount at some point. I know Fujifilm is also opening up the X-mount, but then I don't see many interesting 3rd-party APS-C lenses for it (sans the new Tamron 17-70/2.8 I guess).

I guess the answer depends on what you primarily use your camera for. If you are frequently reaching for the big Fuji primes/lenses, it probably makes sense to switch depending on how you like the Z system. If you want portable/light setups then no FF system can really beat Fuji, and you can go really small with the X-E bodies and Fujicron primes. Personally I just try to take the best of both worlds: use the Z6II for serious work and then I also keep the X100V for causal shooting.

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