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Re: This whole thread is based on a garbage comparison

Karl_Guttag wrote:

This whole thread started with a post of ONE comparison shot by the RF15-35f2.8L at 35f2.8 and the RF 28-70f2 at f2 and 30mm. We only have a screenshot of each at 66% scaling. No EXIF, no other data. We don't know what the shutter speeds or ISOs were and we don't know how the white balance was set. For someone shooting with an R5 and L lenses, this is a garbage comparison, something I would expect from someone with their first DSLR. This looks like a case of either operator error or simple trolling.

The two pictures are obviously exposed differently and the colors are very different. I did a quick check and the 15-35 picture is about 2/3rds of a stop lower in exposure. How he did this I don't know, I was expecting a full stop so it is not as simple as shooting in manual.

It looks like he shot the 15-35 at f2.8 and the 28-70 at f2 and thus underexposed the shot by about 2/3rds (by checking corresponding areas of the images). The colors are also dramatically different.

I could buy the cheapest lens Canon makes and it would not lose 2/3rds of a stop and shift colors this much. Does ANYONE believe that 15-35f2.8L causes a massive difference in exposure and color? Either the R5 is broken or the photographer screwed up.

Below, I made histograms of the two images (selected on the whole image). In addition to the 2/3rd stop underexposure, you should note that the red and green histograms are very different while the blue histograms are about the same in the two shots. Most of the 2/3rds underexposure is in yellow (red&green) as seen on the composite RGB histograms. Thus there is a dramatic color shift.

A person that is using an R5 and $2,000+ L lenses should have asked "what did a do wrong?" and not post that the lens is "meh."

There have been a lot of reviews of the RF15-35f2.8L by people that have reviewed many lenses and not one that I have seen has said the lens is "meh," but rather they say that while expensive it is a very good lens for the range. The biggest common complaint is larger than typical vignetting (which all the RF lenses seem to have).

I have not a problem with a valid critique of any lens, but this whole thread is ridiculous.

Yes however why would I use 2.8 on a f2 lens? The whole point of the lens is f2, if I wanted to do a 2.8 comparison I'd just buy a 24-70. The whole point is comparing the 2.8 lens to the f2 lens, not making the f2 lens a 2.8 lens to make you feel better, of course the f2 is brighter, that's why it exists.

That's like telling me to compare a 600 f4 to a 150-600 6.3 but use the 600 f4 at 6.3, no, otherwise don't even bother with the f4 lens.

I get where you're coming from though.

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