Why the 12mm prime barrier?

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Obsolete question since 2017 at least

This is the introduction date of Laowa 7.5/2.0. Nowadays You have also brand new Laowa 10/2.0 and from some time Laowa 9/2.8 (adapted from APS-C). There are also some other lenses, less known or exotic:

-Kowa Prominar 8.5/2.8 (2015-2016 or earlier, rather good, big/heavy, expensive, very little known) EDIT: 2014-2015

-Voigtlander Nocton10/0.95 (2014, not very successful, big/heavy, expensive)

-SLR Magic 8/4.0 (2017, specific lens, probably mostly for video/drone use)

-Samyang 10/2.8 (2013, but originally for APS-C DSLR's, later adapted for some mirrorless mounts, big/heavy)

There are also some cine versions of some above lenses and 1-2 other original cine/video lenses too. All mentioned MF only. Not a problem for <12mm lens. There's a t least 1 AF prime in this FL range, Oly 8/1.8, but it's a fish-eye lens

As You can see, there were some UWA rectilinear primes <12mm even before Laowa, but due to their specific bulk, price or other factors they were not generally user friendly. Laowa 7.5 was a game changer here.



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